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Tsiona Cohen, LCSW-C, CCM

Accepting clients in Maryland, Virginia and Florida

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Welcome to Maryland Senior Counseling!

man kissing woman on check beside body of water
man kissing woman on check beside body of water

I offer counseling via telehealth for older adults and their loved ones throughout the state of Maryland.

Every season of life brings joy and pain.

Are you concerned about the changing of seasons in your life? From empty-nesting to retirement, the transitions that you are making can be challenging. You may be worried about future limitations to your mobility and your health. You may not know how to develop new meaningful activities that bring you joy.

Seniors can often benefit from seeing a skilled therapist. My specialization is in issues related to the aging process and I can help both older adults and their families create a path toward the future.

Let me help you adjust to your new normal and find the joy this season has to offer.

  • Coping with loss of meaning that a job once provided

  • Making life changing decisions (letting go of the family home, moving in with an adult child, moving to a senior community)

  • Dealing with feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • Dealing with fears about the future

  • Bereavement from loss of spouse or lifelong friends

  • Establishing new relationships

  • Cognitive and mental health issues

  • Health concerns

Some concerns I can help address:

If you are wondering if counseling might be helpful for you or someone you love, please email or call me. I look forward to talking with you.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.